Latest trend wearing Pelikat Sarong by Malaysian

Pelikat Sarong or sarung or sheath is a large tube or length of fabric or cloth, often wrapped around the waist and worn by men. This pelikat often found throughout South Asia and South East Asia, it also can be found Arabian Peninsular and some part of African country. Different country have different pattern and most of it are influence by culture and environment. Some places have plain woven or checkered pattern. We also can see some pelikat comes with bright and striking color. Pelikat Sarong popular among Malay men, usually pelikat worn by men is to pray at mosque or at home. Normally these fabrics are produced in standard sizes with 1 meter wide and 2.3 meters long. In the middle of this sheaths are different pattern width of 0.3 meters is known as the head of pelikat sarong. Each end of the cloth is stitched together to form a tube. In Southeast Asia Malay men usually wear sheaths in a checked pattern, while women wore cloth stamped and dyed with batik patterns. The patterns are usually floral and in bright colors. However, in Javanese culture batik sarongs application is not limited to women on formal occasions such as weddings. The sarong is common wear for women, in formal settings with a kebaya blouse. Malay men wear sarongs in public only when attending Friday or Hari Raya prayers at the mosque, but sarongs remain very common casual wear at home for men and women of all ethnicities and religions in Brunei, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Sri Lanka, and much of the Indian subcontinent. Last few years, the Malaysian actor Aflin Shauki has introduced trousers made of pelikat cloth for men and they called it Pelikat Pans. His target market is large-bodied men who have difficulty finding trousers for their size. This product received an overwhelming response from his customers. Malaysian designers now have a new design for Baju Melayu which also is made of Pelikat cloth. International tourists to Malaysia also get to wear a sarong if they visit traditional villages organize by Tourism Malaysia or Travel Agent Most of these pelikat sarongs are from Indonesia, the sarong size are larger if you compared with sarong from India. Even Indian Sarong a little bit smaller than Indonesian Sarong but the texture of Indian softer and more comfort because they are made of pure cotton. The Indonesian Sarongs are made of Polyster-Cotton or Tetoron-Cotton combination and complete with bright color and design. These pattern commonly preferred by younger to middle age men. Sarong markets in Malaysia are dominated by sarong from Indonesia. It is hard to find sarong made from other country like Thailand, this sarong’s are made of Tetoron material.   If you visit Indonesia don’t forget to buy pelikat sarong as a souvenir for your lover one. There are many brands such as Atlas, Gajah Duduk, Cap Mangga, Al-Jamili, Wadimor, Gajah Kursi, Mecca, Al-Muaz and many more. My last visit to Bandung on September 2014, I bought few pieces of pelikat Sarong in Pasar Baru in Bandung. The price quite reasonable with nice and friendly shop owner you can get more discounts if you good in bargaining. That day my group visited Batik Super Glosir & Eceran the shop owner Mr Andy Krishnadi Halim recommended to me to buy Pelikat Sarong Al-Muaz brand, according to him as a person who have many years of experience in Pelikat Sarong this is the best sarong compared to other famous brand. If you visit Pasar Baru, try to go to his shop InsyaAllah he will give you the best price. Contact Detail Batik Super Glosir & Eceran Lantai Dasar 1 Blok H-26 Pasar Baru Trade Center, Bandung Phone 0818242088 / 70882088 / 93932888 Email andy.kh@hotmail.com / batik88sg@gmail.com