Malaysia Airline MH66 in-flight services

  Have you ever fly with Malaysia Airlines lately? Malaysia Airline had improved a lot in terms of in flight service. On 12th August 2014 that was the date where I had a trip to Seoul Korea with my client from Faculty of Electrical and Engineering UITM Shah Alam for 6 days. I wrote this note while sitting in flight from Kuala Lumpur to Seoul. Since the MH370 and MH17 a lot of people keep complaining these tragic incidents happen due to Malaysia Airlines Cabin Crew served beer and wine on the plane to the passengers. Once I step inside the plane everything looks normal, while the captain makes an announcement and cabin crew making their final safety check. I saw DOA was appearing on the screen in Bahasa Melayu and in English Alhamdullilah. The second improvement was during serving in flight meals, surprisingly there were NO beers and wines served in the plane Alhamdullilah. We are very lucky at that time the captain and the steward head of MH66 are Muslims, but on our flight back to Kuala Lumpur 17th August 2014 the crew’s chief and the captain are Non Muslim and those things in paragraph 2 and 3 never happen. And finally our morning breakfast I choose to have our Malaysian favorite Nasi Lemak. It was served with complete dish (with fried peanuts and anchovies). The meal was upgraded since it has been complaint by Malaysia famous chef and advertisement by it’s competitor Air Asia related with in-flight meals few months ago. I was talking to all my clients and they are agreed with me in-flight service of MH66 was really different and all of us were very satisfied. Congratulations MAS crew MH66 12th August 2014. We are really proud of you. Keep it up.