Choose Right Luggage Bag for Vacation

choose suitcase for vacation  If you are planning to fly to your vacation destination, beware that few airlines will impose baggage restriction on size of hold baggage so it is very important to choose the right suitcase for packing.  Tests on luggage have been conducted by Good Housekeeping Research Institute’s expert had picked the best baggage for testing. The testing they carried out are based on few criteria such as

  1. Roominess; to check how many cloths can fit in.
  2. Size; will it fit comfortably in fit on the overhead compartment
  3. Weight; net weight
  4. Durability; how long the bag can last
  5. Water repellency to exterior part
 Other than these test, the also test duffel bag how well the fabric can withstand multiple abrasions and hard suitcase to see how easy it get scratched.  They also other criteria such as
  1. How easy to open and close the bag
  2. How easy to access the compartment inside and outside the bag
  3. How easy to open and close the telescopic handler
  4. How comfort and height of telescopic handler
  5. Bag stability with full load
  6. How easy to maneuver if full load
 From GHRI’s examination and testing they had come out with a recommendation on how to and what to look for when buying the baggage for holiday trip. Before buying the luggage you have to imagine what kind of bag suit for your packing style duffel or hard suitcase. If you choose to buy wheeled luggage try to walk with it around the shop. Check how comfort to maneuver and don’t forget to check the height the height of telescopic handler. After that you also need to consider the weight and size of the suitcase, can you lift it if full loaded with clothes and other holiday paraphernalia and is the suitcase can fit into the overhead compartment if you plan not to check in this bag. Finally inspect inside of the suitcase and make sure there is a room for your travel items and if it comes with enclosed “suiter” which prevent garment from wrinkling it is a bonus to you. If there is an expendable compartment on the outside make sure make sure it is handy. Please bear in mind that no single piece of luggage is perfect for all kind of travel. That’s why there are many types of luggage bag and backpack in the market. Here are the tips that can help you to decide what kind of luggage to select before you packing for your trip. Tips provided will show you how to select bag base on type of trip (e.g., hotel, camping, international etc) and also based on activity (e.g., trekking, snorkeling, cycling etc).  
No Type of Luggage Best for
1 Wheeled Duffels Adventure travel requiring bulky or odd-shaped gear; family trips; road trips.
2 Wheeled luggage Business travel; family visits; road trips and travel to urban areas.
3 Wheeled Backpack Adventure travel; road trips.
4 Travel Pack Travelers who want to be highly mobile and plan on carrying all their gear.
5 Duffel Bag Climbers, college students or any traveler on a budget.
6 Laptop Bags, Sleeves and Day Packs Urban travelers and anyone who wants to safely transport a laptop.
7 Carry-on Luggage Travelers who pack light are highly mobile and want to bypass baggage claim and baggage fees.
Once you have decided on the type and size of luggage then you have to compare features on specific models. Key feature that considered are as follows
  1. Is the storage compartment easy to organized, pack and unpack
  2. Is Compression strap can squeeze a bulk bag down to a smaller size
  3. Is the removable daypack zips off are convenient for day use
  4. Is the expendable pack bag or bellow pocket allow to fit extra gear