Thank You MH377 – 17th September 2014

On the day of my return flight from Guangzhou together with 17 persons of my client, we feel very fortunate to have the opportunity to experience the great services from the cabin crew flight MH377. The aircraft was departed on 17th September 2014 at 2:40 pm from the Baiyun International Airport Guangzhou and it tooks around three and half an hour to reach Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA). Once the aircraft taken off, I just ignored what is happening around as I continue to sleep. With my seating position too close to the tail of an airplane, I expect my turn to be treated fairly late. So I continue sleeping while putting headphones on my ears. After over an hour, I woke up from sleep and I noticed that several passengers were laughing at the steward. Apparently they are chatting while entertained with jokes by this man and I also saw few of my members of entourage were entertained and happy with the crew members. Most of the passengers are entertained by the antics of these stewards. Normally cabin crew will taking a rest at the pantry after all the passengers had been served. But these were totally different in MH 377 (17Sept2014), all the cabin crews are in the aisle and happily attend any questions or inquiries from passengers including me. I really loved the way they treat passengers with full of joy and they gets worthwhile services.  Inside there were passengers from various nations including Malaysian citizens with Indian and Chinese ethnicity, Bangladesh nationalities and few more. Everyone seems very happy with the service by the crew. Before leaving the plane, I had an opportunity to congratulate and express my thankfulness to the cabin crew for treating my customers so well. For few of my entourage member this may their first experience flying with MAS but for me this will leave fond memories among the customers of As Syukran Agencies. For cabin crew’s flight MH377 on 17th September 2014, a million thanks goes to all of you for an excellence services and charming smiles. Not forget the same compliments goes to the Pilot and Co-pilot as they managed for a smooth landing at Kuala Lumpur International Airport. Alhamdulillah. Credit to : 1. En. Mohd Zafferi Abd Manap (Flight attendant) 2. En. Mohd Yazli Mohd Ali Hanafiah (Flight attendant) 3. Mr. Vinod Biaspal (Flight attendant) 4. Ms Harpajan Kaur @ Bobbie (Flight attendant) 5. Aircraft Captain 6. Co-pilot