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  Indonesian cuisine is one of the most vibrant and colorful cuisines in the world, full of intense flavor. This is because in Indonesia there more than 300 ethnic live in 13,466 islands the world’s largest archipelago. Among these ethnic group Javanese is the largest ethnic group in Indonesia estimated around 42% of the overall population. Many regional cuisines in Indonesia differ one to another and often based on indigenous culture and foreign influence. It has around 5,350 traditional recipes and 30 of them considered as most important recipes. One of important cuisine is the Indonesian cuisine. In this cuisine the techniques and ingredients were influenced by India, Middle East, China and Europe. That is why Indonesian cuisine prepared with complex flavor, certain ingredients and bumbu spices mixture. Their dishes have rich of flavor such as spicy, sweet, salty, sour and bitter. Normally there are five main cooking techniques in Indonesia cuisine such as frying, roasting, grilling, boiling, steaming and stir frying. One of the restaurants in West Java offer Indonesian Cuisine is Kedai Belacan. Located in Halmahera Road, Bandung City West Java, Indonesia is one of our favorite restaurants since early 2013 where we bring our customer to have their meals. The restaurant specialized in Indonesian Cuisine was built with old Indonesian traditional interior concept and nice wall decoration. With double storey building, it can accommodate 200 paxs at one time.  If you are lucky on Friday and Saturday night (from 6:00 PM – 9:00 PM) there will be a live band entertaining you while having a dinner, you also can join the band and singing together. DSC_0049 If you compared Padang cuisine and some Sundanese cuisine, the Indonesian Cuisine in this restaurant is different. All the foods here are prepared on demand. The customers have to wait sometimes for food to be served. If you travel with tour package you no need to wait that long because all the arrangement has been done by your travel agent before you arrive to the restaurant. But if you travel alone you may be need to queue outside (during peak season). With dedicated restaurant staff InsyaAllah all the food will be served to you in short time. The restaurant was rated by TripAdvisor as 4 stars restaurant the assessment was done based on food quality and taste, service quality, value and atmosphere. The price range for food here I can say it’s in average price everywhere in Bandung, with taste, food quality, services and environment it is really good value for your money. Our last visit to the restaurant was on September 2014, we were served with chicken bumbu. The taste was really delicious with all the spices mix together and cook in banana leaves.  According to restaurant manager Ms Nunik Rahayu, it is their latest signature dish and the highest demand by their customer. She also added that the restaurant management will always create new dishes from time to time to give variety in their menus. DSC_0017 Since 3 years of operation, now it has become “a must-visit place” and a favorite eating place among the Malaysian Tourist to Bandung. If you visit Bandung in the future don’t forget to try food in this restaurant. Contact Detail Kedai Belacan Jl. Halmahera No. 4 Bandung, West Java – Indonesia Tel: 022 420 5839 Email kedai.belacan@yahoo.co.id